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Bit of Love💕- A Model's Testimony

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

"I have always wanted to be a model for a brand in the back of my mind. You grow up with your parents telling you you're beautiful, but then you find out that everyone has a different opinion on the way you look. I always received compliments on my smile or my skin but I when I got to college I never had anyone asking me to pose for them or be apart of the new endeavor's marketing. This happened to me multiple times with people close to me and did I ever speak up, no, because no one wants to be the person begging for validation. You want someone to see that beauty in you and see their vision with you in mind.
When Ms. Selina started her business, it electrified conversations about black ownership, breaking cycles, and generational wealth to name a few.. what else would Howard Alumni talk about, right? Every possible conversation that could be sparked flowed easily. Ideas were generated and overall joy and hope were felt for her. Back then, I worked in a field where I wasn't happy but I was learning a lot and I saw her new venture as a possibility for me to maybe see if I can transition my knowledge to help someone else. Now of course she was doing amazingly so she didn't need much admin help but then she suggested that I model for her.
At first in my head I was like, absolutely not. Not only do you want me to model which I haven't done but you want me to do it in a bathing suit?! Mind you, there was a point in my life where I worked out every single day and was super in shape but ya know, day to day life, be life-ing and I didn't have the time for that kind of personal upkeep. I barely had time to sleep much less work out. So this caused me the ultimate fear because I wasn't seeing myself as beautiful and I didn't want others to see that as well. But something about her vision and something about her approach just made it feel right. The first time I came to take pictures I ended up, surprisingly, having fun. It was just a relaxing day of playing dress up in my mind and just being myself. I was so anxious about everything but she reassured me and helped find pieces that made me feel good in them.
Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever revealed this to her. I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to be apart of a brand that is based on loving your self and being confident in that. No matter what, where, or how... you are beautiful and you should flaunt your stuff in any bathing suit you choose. Mieux Swim is a brand I tell my friends about and post about, not because I'm forced to or only because I'm featured, but because it made me remember that I am beautiful. That is magic I want to share with other women so I'll keep promoting and keep supporting Ms. Selina's dreams. You got this!"

Thank you for writing this piece and trusting us not only to model but to share your experience. Our goal is to touch as many hearts and minds as possible. Having positive self images can really build a person in more ways than vanity, confidence is the goal, having enough of it to show up, speak out in addition to feeling good about wearing swimwear. We get so amped when someone wants to get involved with our brand because that means we've impacted someone and that is truly the point. Mieux Swim is more than swimwear, we are a movement, " a maximum self-love movement!"

Mieux Swim takes pride in knowing people want to be involved in more ways than one we get especially excited when those same people are willing to get into uncomfortable spaces to grow. We push to empower people through their thinking: what do you think about yourself in swimwear, what do your think about others wearing swimwear, is it negative or positive, have you considered what you or what another may have went through before putting on their swimwear etc. We want to prompt thought about all of it.

We appreciate you T.M. for knowing your worth, seeing the value in our mission and volunteering to be one of our firsts! Stay confident, keep shifting while continuously growing in it because "You Got This" too

Author: Selina Ward


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