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Doing It Together

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Many people claim to have done it alone, what ever the "it" is for you there has to be someone along the way that has influenced, inspired or triggered "it" in you. The truth is no one really does it all alone. You may have the vision, idea or passion to push it forward but before your push something or rather someone planted in you. Mieux Swim is different, this brand is created by me, Selina Ward, but the influencers are both my daughters, the person that keeps me focused is my oldest son and the one reminding me to take breaks and have fun is my youngest son. As a creative person I feel I must have a team! There are many times frustration sets in, the blocks and breakdowns, and that is when my husband comes in, my consoler, he plays a huge role. Shot out to you boo for putting up with me but we're doing this life together.

Not everyone reading this has a spouse, kids or even a great family support system that is why sometimes it feels like you're doing it by yourselves for yourselves. You may feel this is the only way to accomplish anything related to goals but isn't. At times you block out those put there to cross your path, it's ok to lean on people, I am definitely guilty of this. Somewhere during these many trips around the sun we have lost the phrase "it takes a village." Doing it together is a better way to handle most things but it does require trust. I'm not saying it can't be done alone, it can, but surely you can look at your journey and see when people have been on board, riding with you and for you because they trusted you. The word together in its simplest form means "with." Who has been with you? How much have they impacted your journey? Was it negative or positive? Who have you been with? How have you offered support? Did you effect them negatively or positively?

I would encourage you to think about who you're with and who's with you when working toward your goals. Create a "Together List" for your goals: who should be included, how long you've know them, were they impactful and how so, do they have some skills in an area you don't but need, are they in high demand, are they open and available etc. Don't get me wrong I'm stating this based on potentially wanting more from a career or business but you can also create these lists to sum up friendships and relationships. I think it's safe to say that most of us have heard the phrase "if you're the smartest one in your circle you need a new circle." This phrase can attach to our business and personal lives.

Team building, collaborating or doing it together are the acts to create bonds based on trust. In order to move my business forward, as a founder that is new to entrepreneurship and business, I have to be teachable. I want to be open to receiving seeds from those who more recently intimidated me professionally. I know doing it together, for me, is a better way of doing things. As I let down my defenses to further build the Mieux Swim brand I accept that it is in the better interests of the brand. Right here, right now, this place is where I strive to be a better human, woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur and brand everyday by doing it together with others. Thank you to those riding with me!

Author: Selina Ward

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