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Mieux Swim
Our Vision

We want people in swimwear to be kind to themselves and show genuine compassion toward others in swimwear. We chose swimwear because it truly is the most challenging, frustrating and revealing but it can also can be the most unforgiving article of clothing a person can own. We're accepting the challenge to change how we feel in swimwear. With social media advocating what’s beautiful and what’s acceptable through AI filter technology, Mieux Swim wanted to circle back to those of us who value the everyday naturalness of beauty. We hope to prompt thought into the attitudes and beliefs around how you feel and see yourself, along with seeing others, in swimwear. Together we can shake up the algorithms to reset our own standards of beauty.

A Maximum Self Love Movement

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About Us

Our Swimwear Story

Mieux Swim began as a daydream when shopping for ourselves year after year. The idea kept making its way into random conversations with women, especially mothers. We had some particulars that were important to us when deciding on a swimwear piece. Our specifics varied based on our ages and stages but overall, we agreed we needed swimsuits made from premium fabrics with sustainable options, styles that are fun, classic and sexy. 
Who is the “we” at Mieux Swim?

Proudly we can say our two daughters are the reason for emerging the brand, birthed to create a safe place where they can feel proud about their self/body images. We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge our sons and their overall support for our vision. Mieux Swim has been built by women for women. We believe and encourage the movement of loving yourself wholly, inside and then out. Mieux Swim is not just another swimwear brand but "A Maximum Self-Love Movement." We value ourselves, our daughters (and sons), along with you and all your beauty. What reflects as flaws to some are earned honors to us, celebrate them! There is beauty in our differences, especially when wearing Mieux Swim, we want you to love what you see.
The more you shop the more we're able to contribute to community organizations, schools and upcoming youth. Shopping with Mieux Swim allows our founder to supply parents of special needs children with activity craft bags annually. It provides a calming and soothing stimulation for both the parent and the child to engage. We sponsor the Mesasbi Range Men's Basketball Team coached by former WNBA player Tamara Moore out of Virginia, Minnesota. Mieux Swim respects organizations such as SOL of the Cities the only serve to play youth soccer league out of Minneapolis and we've partnered with them for their free youth swimming lesson clinic. We sponsor Hype Hoops Pro a national minor men's basketball league. We support the fight against cancer by making donations to motivate those willing to ride for Sloan Kettering and more.
 To maximize the love a bit more, through our manufacturer's generous donations, every swimsuit manufactured for Mieux Swim allows them to donate to, an empowering educational program for women growing skills to be self sufficient. We are specific in our actions and choosing manufacturers who also have a purpose to fulfill.  Keep in mind by purchasing our sustainable swimwear options, you will also be supporting the necessary clean up of our oceans. When you purchase swimwear from Mieux Swim you are making a difference and you will be supporting a woman’s dream to reinvent herself and others.


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Making a Splash
Self-Taught Designer Launches Sustainable Swimwear Collection
Mieux Swim founder speaks with New Jersey Monthly Magazine
about how she wants to change how people see themselves in their swimwear.

Consider Your Impact

Shop Sustainable

Mieux Swim cares about the health of the Earth and know we all have an environmental responsibility. Mieux Swim does offer some sustainable swimwear options. Hopefully we can share the belief that shopping can make a positive environmental impact. We want you to have an option to consider sustainability in swimwear.

Recycled Ocean Materials

Sustainable Swimwear Options

Mieux Swim is committed to selling premium swimwear. The recycled ocean materials, such as plastic bottles, in some of our swimwear fabrics are key factors to starting a sustainable solution. We do encourage you to choose options that are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact to the planet.

Biodegradable Materials

Sustainable Shipping

Mieux Swim strives to enhance your awareness regarding the impact of our production decisions. We choose manufacturers that use biodegradable shipping products, when able, we then reuse some packaging to ship items to our customers. 
Our products ship using the least amount of packaging possible to avoid producing more waste. We encourage you to recycle or reuse the Code 4 recyclable polyethylene shipping mailers.
Purchase with the power of knowing Mieux Swim cares about environmental issues and plans to keep growing in this area.
*Hand delivery offered in some local areas to prevent further waste

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The Founder Talks Entrepreneurship
The Founder talks with Subkit about why she started the Mieux Swim brand,
who was involved and how it contributed to her deciding on swimwear as a starting place.
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