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To Give Is To Receive

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Everyone wins when someone genuinely gives to someone else, especially when the gift is unexpected and much appreciated. The lifestyle of creating moments in time that are truly human are special. When people practice humility it never gets old. Whether you pay it forward to a senior citizen in the grocery line who has limited items they can afford to buy or you make gift/goodie bags for mothers and children on your school bus route to help them feel recognized and supported, living as a "Giver" is a better way of humaning. Being a giver is a continued practice of love for others and of self-love, it makes a person feel fulfilled.

According to an online article from 2010, the Greater Good Magazine, there are ways that giving enhances people positively. (Suttie & Marsh, 2010) First, it grants us happiness, giving has an emotional attachment, it triggers the part of the brain connected to trust, social connection and pleasure. By creating those "giving" social connections, it naturally creates cooperation, basically generosity reciprocates generosity. In a referenced study in the article, those that give have better health results which are believed to be associated with having less stress. The feeling of gratitude emerges whether you are the giver or recipient of a gift, so there's that part. Most of all, giving inspires others to give, the idea of giving will repeat somewhere down the line within a person who has been a receiver by paying it forward. The fact is everyone wins when people genuinely give.

Mieux Swim had the opportunity to give, this time we thought about gifting our men. Mieux Swim wants men to feel inspired and supported so we could not forget the guys this time around. We chose to sponsor the Mesabi Range Men's Basketball Team. Having created a friendship with the Head Coach Tamara "Tee" Moore, former WNBA player, we were able to reach out to her and offer a donation to help out her squad. We are proud to see the players in their new uniforms for this upcoming season beginning November 4th, 2022. Follow the Mesabi Range Men's Basketball Team @mesabimbb we wish them all the best this season. To those who follow Mieux Swim don't forget to pay it forward, refers us to friends and family. To those who don't follow our socials you should we'd love to be your better swimwear brand for all your swimwear needs.

Author: Selina Ward

Photo Credit: Mesabi Range Men's Basketball. Virginia. MN.

Suttie, J., & Marsh, J. (2010). 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You. Greater Good Berkeley.


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