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Share Your Stories: Get Involved With Us

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Mieux Swim wants to hear all about it! We are providing a safe and comfortable space to talk all things lifestyle, togetherness and of course swimwear. Because our founder is a beginner at this, together we will feel, laugh and even get off topic at times but she will always bring it right back around. Mieux Swim will publish surveys periodically to get feedback about your personal experiences to reveal that we are similar & different, and that's ok because there is beauty in both. We will share some of the responses and give follow-up information when possible, we're in this together. We welcome you to be a part of us and our journey while we provide products for your journey. Our hope is to encourage and inspire, through swimwear, both ourselves and others to be better human beings because we are "A Maximum Self Love Movement."

Find our surveys here:

Author: Selina Ward

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