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More Than R & R

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Whenever someone has vacation time approaching, sometimes they follow up by saying they're in need of some "R & R," rest and relaxation. I believe that's the undefined understanding of R & R. Well, I tend to think traveling can be one of the most stressful times a person can endure. From searching for the most affordable methods of travel, to matching your accommodations with your personal standards of comfort, to the putting together of the outfits, the pairing of shoes & handbags and to the actual packing it all into a bag that weighs a certain amount can be enough to raise your pressure. Then there's the sleepless night before travelling, only to arrive at your transit departure to stand in lines that aren't moving because someone's paperwork isn't correct. Meanwhile, you may be having to remove items from your bag to shift weight around and take off a piece of your clothing to pass security while staff tells you they're about touch your body as an extra measure of security.

You made it, you're in the waiting area. As you pause to scope the room to look for a coffee or seat, just for a moment you look around to briefly people watch. Some folks are already at the bar, some are well put together (make-up, hair, outfit), others are looking bedridden (unwashed faces, bonnets and messy buns, pajamas & slippers) then you see notice first time parents trying to appease their children that are travelling for the first time and once more you take note of the adult children doing the same for they're senior parents. Its finally your turn to board! Ready? Here's the next line of chaos, confusion, misplaced paperwork and oversized bags that wont fit in the space designated for them. You made it! You made it, to your seat. Now you're thinking "ok, I'm set." Only now, departure is delayed, late arrivals coming in, late passengers running to catch the same departure, and then it hits you, the coffee. You forgot to go to the bathroom!!! UGH!

At this point, you and I are just hoping the family with the toddler and the baby we saw boarding has brought enough snacks and entertainment to keep them satisfied, fingers crossed. But if this is you, you're the one hoping you did as well. No worries, (exhale) everyone on board here is in agreement and hoping for the best. It's the one bonding thought we all have in common and we usually have that thought at about the same time, "please, let these kids sleep through this." Even though we all come from different walks of life we all want the kids to have mercy on all of us when travelling. I have been this person, the travelling mom, family and the passenger internally wishing the family the best.

Arriving at the destination, I think, is a little easier but again depending on how quick you can get out, get your bags and be on your way are the determining factors. Now you know what comes next, transportation to your accommodations and getting checked in. This usually is the smoothest part of it all besides checking out part. They've made check out so easy that you just leave at your scheduled time and there is nothing else to do. I must say I love that part! To recap some of that R & R that has already occurred: regret not using the restroom, ready to reach your destination but your delayed, recapping all the people you just experienced, related to a few of them, thinking reputations of some people you witnessed have been compromised, rethinking your seat selection and there are definitely more you and I could list.

But back to the upside, you've reached the point of full arrival, you're here and the vacation can start, enjoy! Let the R & R begin I can't end this without sharing some other "R's" to add to our list: reset, refresh, renew, repose, rejuvenate, revamp, replenish, recuperate. Mieux Swim would love to make your arrangements reasonable, remedy your experiences and be readily available to help get you through those transit centers, ports and depots but we're a swimwear company. What we can do is create a rapport with you. We can ramp up your excitement about your trip by posting your trip pictures of you wearing our swimwear from to our socials. We can have you feeling regal in our premium fabric swimwear pieces. And we can reassure you'll love the quality of our products. We really make it easy to choose Mieux Swim as the swimwear choice for your next vacation. Think of us when thinking you need a vacation and some R & R.

Author: Selina Ward


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