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Mieux Swim
Our Vision

At Mieux Swim, we are proud to lead the Maximum Self-Love Movement, where we aim to change the way we feel in swimwear. We understand that swimwear can be challenging and unforgiving, but we also believe that it's an opportunity to show compassion towards ourselves and others. With social media often dictating what's considered beautiful, we want to challenge those standards and promote natural beauty. Let's work together to reset our own standards of beauty and promote kindness and self-love in swimwear.​

A Maximum Self Love Movement

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Making a Splash
Self-Taught Designer Launches Sustainable Swimwear Collection
Mieux Swim founder speaks with New Jersey Monthly Magazine
about how she wants to change how people see themselves in their swimwear.


My name is Selina Ward

As a mother of four, wife and employee to a neighboring school district my desire to be seen as Selina was pulling at my heartstrings. I am your neighbor, your co-worker and your long distance friend you call to catch up with from time to time. But I am also like many other woman that want to feel effortlessly colorful, and alluring. At Mieux Swim we offer captivating classic and ageless swimwear designs for women and now men. Our focus is on premium quality fabrics that are long-lasting along with offering some sustainability options. Our swimsuits are made to fascinate, contouring your body and carefully crafted to offer ravishingly timeless designs. Join Mieux Swim, we are always exposed, never naked. Shop our collection today!

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A Bit More...

Get To Know Mieux Swim

Mieux Swim began as a daydream when shopping for ourselves year after year. The idea kept making its way into random conversations with women, especially mothers. We had some particulars that were important to us when deciding on a swimwear piece. Our specifics varied based on our ages and stages but overall, we agreed we needed swimsuits made from premium fabrics with sustainable options, styles that are fun, classic and sexy. 

 Mieux Swim, a swimwear brand built by women for women. Our brand was born out of the desire create a safe place where women can feel proud of their self and body. We believe in loving yourself wholly, inside and out. At Mieux Swim, we celebrate the beauty in our differences and want you to love what you see when wearing our swimwear. Join us in our Maximum Self-Love Movement and embrace your beauty.

Mieux Swim is dedicated to supporting the community through various initiatives and organizations. Our brand is more than just swimwear - it's a way to make a positive impact. We take pride in providing activity craft bags for parents of special needs children, sponsoring local basketball teams, and supporting cancer research. By shopping with us, you are not only getting high-quality swimwear but also contributing to a greater cause. We have made donations to SOL of the Cities, Mesabi Range College, Hype Hoops, Sloan Kettering, and other worthy causes.

 Mieux Swim is committed to making a positive impact with every swimsuit we produce. Through our manufacturer's partnership with, we empower women by equipping them with the skills they need to become self-sufficient with every piece produced. Sustainable swimwear options also support the crucial effort to clean up our oceans. Choosing Mieux Swim, you are not only making a difference but also supporting the aspirations of women to reinvent themselves and others.


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The Founder Talks Entrepreneurship
The Founder talks with Subkit about why she started the Mieux Swim brand,
who was involved and how it contributed to her deciding on swimwear as a starting place.

Consider Your Impact

Shop Sustainable

At Mieux Swim, we are committed to promoting sustainability in the fashion industry. We believe that shopping can be a force for good, and that's why we offer a range of eco-friendly swimwear options. By choosing Mieux Swim, you can enjoy the beach while minimizing your environmental impact. Join us in our mission to make a difference one swimsuit at a time.

Recycled Ocean Materials

Sustainable Swimwear Options

Mieux Swim is dedicated to providing premium swimwear that is both stylish and sustainable. Our use of recycled ocean materials, such as plastic bottles and old fishing nets, is a crucial towards a more eco-friendly future. We strongly encourage our customers to choose options that are kind to the environment and help minimize the negative impact on our planet.

Biodegradable Materials

Sustainable Shipping

Mieux Swim is dedicated to making environmentally conscious production decisions. We carefully select manufacturers that use biodegradable shipping products and reuse packaging whenever possible. Our products are shipped with minimal packaging to reduce waste, and we encourage our customers to recycle or reuse the shipping mailers. Shop with us and feel good knowing that Mieux Swim cares about environmental issues and is committed to making a positive impact.

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